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Strategic Moves at X: Linda Yaccarino Assembles her Executive Dream Team

by | Sep 16, 2023 at 4:57PM | Business

Linda Yaccarino X

In a bold and strategic move, X CEO Linda Yaccarino has recently unveiled a series of transformative changes within her executive team. These changes signify a significant shakeup in the company’s sales organization and introduce fresh faces to the leadership landscape. The vision behind these moves? To reshape how users and customers worldwide congregate, interact, watch, and transact within a single platform, all while adding more value for X’s esteemed customers and partners.

Linda Yaccarino’s memo to the X team reveals an impressive array of new recruits and leadership updates, reflecting her commitment to driving the company’s growth and global impact.

Monique Pintarelli: Head of the Americas One of the most notable additions to the X family is Monique Pintarelli, formerly President at Teads, who steps in as the Head of the Americas. In this role, she will oversee Sales and Partnership activities spanning the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Her extensive experience in the industry makes her the ideal leader to guide X’s efforts in these crucial regions. Notably, Marco Botero and Sydney Robertson will join her in driving U.S. vertical leads.

New U.S. Sales Leaders

In a move designed to consolidate sales assignments and optimize X’s approach in the U.S., the company is introducing several key leaders:

  • Andrew Aviza: Andrew will take charge of Retail, Travel, and Dining, with Eric Amato and his team reporting to him.
  • Mike Dupree: Responsible for Alcohol, Sports, Gambling, News, and Cannabis.
  • Brett Goldslager: Tasked with overseeing Political, Education, and Energy sectors.
  • Jeff Melei: Responsible for Financial Services, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, and Health.
  • Rob Pietsch: Leading Technology, Telecommunications, and Auto divisions, with Mark Bambury and his team reporting to him.
  • Ged Tarpey: In charge of Movies, Streaming, and Broadcast.

Additionally, Ayumu Matsuma, Antoine Caironi, and Greg Owens will spearhead Advertising Sales and Partnerships for Japan, Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. A search is underway for a leader for the Asia Pacific region.



Carrie Stimmel: Global Agency Leader

Carrie Stimmel, formerly Chief Growth Officer at NBCUniversal, joins X as the new Global Agency Leader. Her role will involve partnering with Holding Companies and working across all global teams to foster agency partnerships. In addition, she will oversee Sales Operations & Strategy, with Mohit Bhargava reporting to her.

Brett Weitz: Head of Content, Talent, and Brand Sales

Bringing a wealth of experience from his tenure as General Manager of TNT, TBS, and truTV, Brett Weitz takes the helm as the new Head of Content, Talent, and Brand Sales. Joe Varvara will lead Content Partnerships and Amplify Sales, while Alex Josephson will lead the Next team, both reporting to Brett.

Rob Hayes: Lead for Revenue Operations

Rob Hayes, who previously held the position of Chief Business Officer at Dow Jones and Company, steps into the role of Lead for Revenue Operations at X. He will focus on identifying and capitalizing on the most significant revenue opportunities within the Sales team, initially concentrating on SMBs, Brand Safety, and Elections.

Developer and API Partnership Team

Haim Vaturi and Chris Park, leaders of X’s Developer and API partnership team, will continue reporting directly to Linda Yaccarino, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration within the organization.

As Linda Yaccarino concludes her memo, she expresses her gratitude to the entire X team for their hard work, highlighting that their progress is tangible, and momentum is on the rise. She invites everyone to join her in welcoming Monique, Carrie, Brett, and Rob to the X family, emphasizing that together, they are shaping the incredible future of X.

These strategic moves reflect Linda Yaccarino’s unwavering commitment to innovation, growth, and delivering unparalleled value to X’s global community of users and partners. The company’s journey toward an even more promising future has just gained significant momentum.


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