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Investigation Uncovers Joe Biden’s Address as Recipient of $250K in Beijing Wire Transfers Linked to Hunter Biden

by | Sep 27, 2023 at 3:42PM | Politics

In a startling revelation, the House Oversight Committee has obtained bank records that shed light on a concerning financial connection involving President Joe Biden’s home address and wire transfers originating from Beijing in 2019. The investigation raises questions about the extent of the Biden family’s ties to foreign entities, particularly those in China.

The key figure in this financial transaction is Hunter Biden, who, at the time, was a member of the board of directors for BHR Partners, a private equity firm with connections to China. The first wire transfer under scrutiny was a $10,000 payment, dated July 26, 2019. Notably, the originator of the wire transfer is identified as Ms. Wang Xin, who also held a position on BHR Partners’ board of directors.

While it remains unclear whether Hunter Biden was residing with his father, President Joe Biden, at the time of these transfers, the House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer (R-Ky.), did not mince words. He stated, “Bank records don’t lie, but President Joe Biden does.” This statement comes in the wake of President Biden’s previous assertions to the American public that his family had never received financial benefits from China.

Chairman Comer went on to emphasize the gravity of the situation, saying, “We’ve already proved that to be a lie earlier this year, and now we know that two wires originating from Beijing listed Joe Biden’s Wilmington home as the beneficiary address when he was running for President of the United States.” The implications of these revelations are substantial, as they raise questions about the potential conflicts of interest and the transparency of financial dealings within the Biden family.



Adding to the complexity of the situation, Chairman Comer highlighted that during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President, he had engaged in conversations and even written a college letter of recommendation for the children of Jonathan Li, a prominent figure in Beijing. Comer concluded, “Joe Biden’s abuse of public office for his family’s financial gain threatens our national security,” underscoring the gravity of the allegations.

Chairman Comer’s inquiry did not stop at exposing these transactions but delved into the critical question of what the Bidens did with the money from Beijing. This aspect of the investigation is expected to reveal further insights into the financial activities of the Biden family.

In addition to the wire transfers, bank records have also reportedly unveiled that the Biden family received a staggering $24 million from foreign nationals between 2014 and 2019, further deepening the mystery surrounding their international financial entanglements.

Amid these revelations, the White House attorneys have yet to respond to inquiries from Fox News regarding the situation, at a time when the nation grapples with a brewing impeachment inquiry. The investigation’s implications extend beyond partisan politics, raising crucial questions about the ethics and accountability of those in positions of power.

As this investigation unfolds, it casts a shadow over the Biden administration’s commitment to transparency and the need for further scrutiny of the financial dealings of public officials and their families, especially when foreign interests are involved.


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